Palau Stay

  • Palau Stay

    -At a first glimpse, you will notice it as an ordinary ship that is cruising around the place; however, as you visit this, you will be surprised on its amazing facility that serves as a resort or place where you can stay. You will feel the exciting coolness of the place, a total relaxation to offer and unbeatable pleasantness. A best place for your whole stay to Palau, you can say that everything is worth it.

  • Big Blue Explorer

    Big Blue Explorer

    Greetings inside the Big Blue Explorer and have the unique experience diving in the awesome walls of the barrier reef which includes some popular sites like Blue Corner, Ulong Channel, Big drop off and many different dive sites. Unlike other liveaboards, the diving in the big blue explorer are done in formed small groups coming from fast chase boats to literally avoid the over crowding as well as to allow quick dives.

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  • Ocean Hunter

    Ocean Hunter

    Ocean Hunter is a ship which is 96 feet in length, 26.26 feet in beam and 9 feet in draft. This ship is actually good for your trip. It has a capacity of sixteen guests which has two standard cabins, four deluxe rooms, and two upper deck master rooms. All of this has its own private bathroom and shower. For its staffs there will be an available two double cabins and one private bathroom.

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  • West Plaza Hotel

    West Plaza Hotel

    Are you having a problem in choosing the hotel for your stay in Palau? Then the very best for you is the West Plaza Hotel. They offered comfortable and affordable rooms with their five different hotels around the Koror in Palau Island.

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