Big Blue Explorer

  • Big Blue Explorer

    Big Blue Explorer

    Greetings inside the Big Blue Explorer and have the unique experience diving in the awesome walls of the barrier reef which includes some popular sites like Blue Corner, Ulong Channel, Big drop off and many different dive sites. Unlike other liveaboards, the diving in the big blue explorer are done in formed small groups coming from fast chase boats to literally avoid the over crowding as well as to allow quick dives. This also offers up to five dives in each day and an unreachable service by others. This can carry twenty four guests by its four honeymoon suites, four deluxe cabins and four standard cabins that has own bathrooms.

    Big Blue explorer is a huge and fully equipped live aboard that is also air conditioned. The ship gives bathroom facilities, trained staffs and crew that creates and plans everything inside your stay which includes your comfort in your stay while appreciating the beauty of tropical islands around the area. It is also set to provide the very finest way of diving and some island adventures. This is currently operated in the island of Palau.

    Accommodation and Facilities

    The ship also offers different kinds of facilities and accommodation where in you can enjoy to the fullest while staying inside. The ship will be fully air conditioned and have a carpeted interiors, has a twelve twin sharing cabins that has its own toilet, bathroom and shower facilities, it also have four suites, four deluxe, and four standard rooms for you to have it as options, have hot and cold shower, there will be also eight open rinse showers on its deck, it may also has an entertainment area which have television, VHS and stereo, a large lounge in the front, a mini library with books, magazines, and some rental tapes of VCR, VCD and DVD, the sun deck is in 50 square meter size with and open dining teak furniture, have its eighteen service crew and at last is its Jacuzzi that may help your short relaxation between your dives.

    Best Time to Visit

    The best time to visit the ship is around its high season which is in the month of November up to the month of May. Upon choosing to stay during the high season, make sure that your trip has been book for at least two weeks advanced. The occurrence of storms in Palau is very rare that is why most days in a year is safe to pay a visit in the island and have a safe trip with the big blue explorer.

    Arrival and Boarding

    This big blue explorer was scheduled to depart in Koror every Sunday morning and will return the following Sunday having a six days trip of unlimited diving. Night guests’ arrivals of Saturday may stay in the ship at Malakal Harbor. The unlimited non decompression diving will start at the Saturday morning as you stay in the ship through the very best diving sites in the island of Palau.