Ocean Hunter

  • Ocean Hunter

    Ocean Hunter

    Ocean Hunter is a ship which is 96 feet in length, 26.26 feet in beam and 9 feet in draft. This ship is actually good for your trip. It has a capacity of sixteen guests which has two standard cabins, four deluxe rooms, and two upper deck master rooms. All of this has its own private bathroom and shower. For its staffs there will be an available two double cabins and one private bathroom.

    Full safety equipment will be also there including the electronics leisure liker satellite phone, cellular phone, radar, fish finder, radios, CD, DVD, and VCD, television with a VCR which is supported by the European PAL, SECAM and American NTSC.

    The ship also has a dining room that is opened with 18 seats, cozy salons with some couches, many entertainment systems, espresso machines, icemaker, mini bar, a computer room where in you can send an e-mail, take a photo and edit some video, there are also washing machines and dryer services.

    Accommodation and Facilities

    The Ocean Hunter will shipped to have very exciting and unforgettable trios that is why we need to make sure that it is in good state and will last and open water sailing. The ship was equipped with three separate GPS systems, gyro compass and autopilot, different radios, vertical and 3D bottom scanners and of course a satellite phone.

    There will be also some specially designed rooms that have a large living area, extra large double bed, private television, DVD player and a mini bar, computer table and sofa. There will be also some spacious bathrooms that has shower. Large closets and spaces will be also opened in the room including the A/C 110 and 220 volts outlets that you may want to use.

    Every time the Ocean Hunter sails, it gives room for guests to relax and that is why its sun deck has ample loungers, chairs, tables and two heated Jacuzzis that you ca try and enjoy between your time for dives.

    After having your last dive of the day, you can also relax in the very luxurious salon. It is equipped with four large sofas where in you can sit while watching. A computer area will be also there that has a high spec machines that you can use in burning photos and videos in a disc. Some may also choose to have some books from the mini library or play some board games until the call up time for bed.

    Best Time to Visit

    Anytime of the year will be good to visit the Ocean Hunter but still the best time for this is coming during the high seasons. These high seasons are usually around the month of November up to the month of May but if you are coming in these seasons make sure to book an early reservation to avoid any conflict regarding the day of your stay in the ship.

    Arrival and Boarding

    The ship will have both eight days trip and ten days trip. The first thing will be that the staffs will pick you up in the first day at exactly 10:30 in the morning to board the ship and more likely to explore. First day will only have two dives but the rest of the days in the trip will have four dives each day. In day two, three and four, you will dive in some of these diving sites: German Channel, Big Drop Off, New Drop Off, the Blue Holes, German wall, Barnum wall, Blue Corner, Virgin blue hole, Turtle Cove, Ngedebus coral gardens, Ngedebus wall, Fairyland, and many more.