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  • West Plaza Hotel

    West Plaza Hotel

    Are you having a problem in choosing the hotel for your stay in Palau? Then the very best for you is the West Plaza Hotel. They offered comfortable and affordable rooms with their five different hotels around the Koror in Palau Island.

    The five different west plaza hotels are west plaza coral reef hotel, west plaza downtown hotel, west plaza desekel hotel, west plaza malakal hotel, and west plaza by the sea hotel. These five hotels have different features that may reach your taste.

    The west plaza coral reef hotel has a very quiet sea front view for you. It is located near the water’s edge and each of its room has a private veranda to see the lagoons and the beauty of the nearby island which are the Meyuns and the Babeldaob. This will also be a good place for the very popular sunset view of Palau.

    The next one is the west plaza downtown hotel which is located in the center of Koror. This hotel gives a very easy way to go in the main shopping district and to the so called restaurant row; large shopping centers, postal services and some local attraction will be walking distance from the location of the hotel.

    If you want the hotel to be near the bank and some educational establishments then the west plaza deskel hotel will be on your top list. It is near enough to the local collage and some major banks around the island. There are also some American and Asian restaurants near the area.

    If the west plaza deskel hotel is near the banks and educational establishments then the west plaza malakal hotel is the main dive shop and tour departure end in Koror. It is close to the Rooster Café, Palm Bay Bistro and some few minutes walk with bars, discos and other dive centers.

    And the last one will be the west plaza by the sea hotel. This hotel offers 36 rooms that have air conditioning, own refrigerator, cable television and a full bath. They are serving different Japanese cuisine coming from the Red Rooster Café and also offer a car rental service for you to enjoy the full view of the Koror.

    That will be the five west plaza hotels serving different features and accommodation for you that you can enjoy.

    Accommodation and Facilities

    West Plaza Hotels are divided into five kinds of hotels which give different service and offers different rooms. The accommodation and facilities in five hotels are also different depending n your choice and its location.

    The first hotel is the west plaza coral reef hotel which can be found near the sea and has fourteen rooms that are all air conditioned. They offer a suite and deluxe room, both has telephones, televisions with cables and VCRs, mini bars and some other private facilities. Each of its rooms has its own veranda and there are also services like dry cleaning laundry, some movie rentals and approving airport transfers.

    The second one is the west plaza downtown that has twenty rooms, standard up to deluxe rooms are available in this hotel. There is an open balcony near the rear of the hotel where guests and visitors are free to stay and relax with their companions or by themselves. There is also a reading place for you that offer many collections of international books and magazines.

    There is also the west plaza desekel which has thirty rooms that gives standard to deluxe services. Most of its rooms have its own private veranda for your sightseeing around the Koror. All of its rooms have air conditioned, one refrigerator, and television, own phone line, amenities, hair drier, mini bar, laundry services and some helpful airport picking up services. There is also a desekel market in the hotel’s ground floor which services a full grocery store. This hotel also has two different reading areas for their guests to sit and relax.

    The next one is the west plaza malakal that has thirty four rooms, some are standard and there are also two bedroom suites. Standard rooms have a private veranda and safety boxes while the suites which has two bedrooms have a kitchen, a dining area, large living room with a very huge window to view the beaches.

    And the last one will be the west plaza by the sea hotel. This hotel is the biggest and has thirty six rooms. Its rooms range from standard up to the deluxe class which has kitchenettes, and there is also a penthouse suite located in the roof deck with a large balcony, whirlpool bath, kitchenette, and a wide living area.

    Best Time to Visit

    Anytime in a day is said to be the fine time for a visit in west plaza hotels. From the month of June up to the beginning of the month of October, there will be some possible chances of rainy days that may cause some heavy waves and abnormal flow of current and this will note be good for your trip. Palau is near enough to our Earth’s equator to be said that it is already outside the typhoon belt and the storms are very rare in the island. In each year, it was known that the best time to visit the west plaza hotels will be around the months of November up to the month of May and during those days make sure to book your rooms as early as possible because those months are high season and all staffs will be busy enough.

    Getting There and Around

    Since American citizens do not need a visa to go here, and almost all the guests can have a free thirty days tourism visa on the day of their arrival. There are some ways to get there in Palau Island and to locate the west plaza hotels around the Koror. The first one is to go there using a plane. Using plane is only common for most people; there will be only one airport which is Airai in Babeldaob. Most of the visitors came from the Continental Micronesia arriving from the daily flights of Guam. These also have good connections from Japan and United States, as well as the current main city of the Philippines which is Manila. You can also try some chartered flights from Taipei, South Korea and Japan from the many different operators.

    To get around the island, you can use taxis that are there or you may also rent a car. There will be loads of local taxis in the order of the island so this will not be a problem. If you are going to choose renting a car then make sure to note that driving slowly is the best especially for the bumpy roads in the island. Recently, the roads have been tiled and the divers should take boats to go in diving sites because there are no beaches and sites in the main Koror. You can ask the drivers to direct you in your chosen west plaza hotel or if you are renting a car then you could ask the people around the area about the whereabouts of the hotel where you are staying in.