Palau Dive Spots

  • Palau Dive Spots

    -Located in the Philippines and lying at the Pacific Ocean, Palau offers a unique diving experience and can catch up your expectations for you ideal dive. You will uncover the excellent and one of a kind aquatic life as you dive to it. A once in a lifetime experience that will surely be enjoyable and exciting.

  • Amatsu Maru

    Amatsu Maru

    Amatsu Maru is situated at the western part of Malakal Anchorage of Palau. It is also named as Black Coral Wreck because of its abundant hedge plants of Black Coral which prettify the guardrails of ship as well as the superstructure. This dive site is the biggest shipwreck all over Micronesia as well as the deepest Japanese wreckage throughout Palau.

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  • Bichu Maru

    Bichu Maru

    It ought to be held at first that there is still dispute even now with regard to whether this wreckage is truly of the Bichu Maru. So it has been opted to go through the name at any rate and indicates as well that the dive site is referred to as The Whiteface Wreck on the other hand because of its nearness towards an exposed corner of pale big stones. It is located near to Uruktapal Island.

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  • Hammerhead Sharks

    Hammerhead Sharks

    You would think that people would be afraid, but one of Lombok’s most famous attractions is the hammerhead sharks. In one of its most famous dive sites, called the Hammerhead Shark Point, a diver would be able to witness not only hammerhead sharks but other marine animals and beautiful corals in great packs and varieties swimming afloat the vast entirety of the West Indonesian coast.

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  • Turtle Cove

    Turtle Cove

    Turtle Cove is situated at Southwestern reefs of Palau. The dive site consists of 2 anchoring buoys, one towards the east and one close to the Mini Blue Hole. Quite a few amazements wait for the watchful scuba diver. The dive site is actually a well-known stopping over area for lunchtime. Listen closely with the noise of fishing boats that pass by and above your head when diving or snorkeling. Take careful attention prior to surfacing; make use of an essential surface marker buoy to notify fishing boat operators towards your position.

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  • Virgin Blue Hole

    Virgin Blue Hole

    Virgin Blue Hole is situated at the western part of Ngemelis Island. This dive site’s reef sets out at New Drop Off and then extends throughout Fairyland and edges at Blue Corner. The diving typically starts off along at the anchoring marker towards the south of this dive site. Once in a while, in the event the tide is incredibly low or even the wave is substantial, the diving will start off down across the external wall as well as towards to the tunnel rift.

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  • Yellow Wall

    Yellow Wall

    Yellow Wall is situated at the northeast to the expressway of Peleliu and southeast of the island. This dive spot is named right after the Tubastraea faulkneri or golden yellow tube corals which cover the wall across this reef’s section.

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