Amatsu Maru

  • Amatsu Maru

    Amatsu Maru

    Amatsu Maru is situated at the western part of Malakal Anchorage of Palau. It is also named as Black Coral Wreck because of its abundant hedge plants of Black Coral which prettify the guardrails of ship as well as the superstructure. This dive site is the biggest shipwreck all over Micronesia as well as the deepest Japanese wreckage throughout Palau.

    In March 1944, there was an air attack operation and then the oil tanker submerged in the island of Palau. The tanker was partly reclaimed after the warfare. There are several of submerged and aground ships were reclaimed in Palau past the battle. The restorers weighed down the fragmented metal on a few of the re-drifted ships to pull haul them back towards Japan.

    This dive site does not have a marker buoy; the dive conductor will track down the wreckage followed by tying the boat towards a marker line. The diving will usually commences within the arch part of the ship.
    Amatsu Maru has a variety of sea water fishes. Its reef formation is about 40 meters buildup bottom, there is no coral reefs within the wreckage however.

    Dive Experience: Advanced
    Visibility: 24 meters at the arch to 6 meters at the austere
    Depth: The ship is lying standing around 40 meters and the floor is around 30 meters
    Currents: None