Turtle Cove

  • Turtle Cove

    Turtle Cove

    Turtle Cove is situated at Southwestern reefs of Palau. The dive site consists of 2 anchoring buoys, one towards the east and one close to the Mini Blue Hole. Quite a few amazements wait for the watchful scuba diver. The dive site is actually a well-known stopping over area for lunchtime. Listen closely with the noise of fishing boats that pass by and above your head when diving or snorkeling. Take careful attention prior to surfacing; make use of an essential surface marker buoy to notify fishing boat operators towards your position.

    Turtle Cove’s reef stretches out in the vicinity of Ngercheu Island. Atop the reef is the Mini Blue Hole that measures around 5 meters by 3 meters that significantly form a huge cave. The main way out towards the reef is around 17 meters to 25 meters. Over the reef wall, you’ll find so many tiny caverns, archways, and shelves which could be discovered. This dive site is known as a vertical reef wall down towards approximately 30 meters then it tilts off over and above 65 meters. Within the area of the wall, you will find a flat terrain at somewhere between 6 meters to 13 meters.

    The marine life of Turtle Cove is verdant. Try to find huge schools of snappers, Jacks, Anthias, Pyramid Butterflyfish, Yellowtail Fusiliers and Moorish Idols. At times, sharks such as grey reef are visible hanging around across the surface of the reef. Emperor Angelfish, Regal and Blueface are around every corner across the border and atop the reef. Should you be very fortunate, maybe you might even see turtles. Leopard Sharks and Whitetip Sharks enjoy lying within the sandy overspill at the aperture within the Blue Hole way out.

    Dive Experience: Beginner
    Visibility: 17 meters to 35 meters
    Depth: 30 meters
    Currents: Typically none