Virgin Blue Hole

  • Virgin Blue Hole

    Virgin Blue Hole

    Virgin Blue Hole is situated at the western part of Ngemelis Island. This dive site’s reef sets out at New Drop Off and then extends throughout Fairyland and edges at Blue Corner. The diving typically starts off along at the anchoring marker towards the south of this dive site. Once in a while, in the event the tide is incredibly low or even the wave is substantial, the diving will start off down across the external wall as well as towards to the tunnel rift.

    The reef wall’s edge commenced 1 meter to 1.5 meters coming from the flat surface, then falls to 35 meters in which it shifts with a sand runoff and worn out coral formations. A spherical gap around 30 meters through the entire reef towards a cavern that has a sandy bottom. A tunnel of about 10 meters wide and 50 meters long links the tunnel to the open ocean. A scuba diver can take off the tunnel in both routes. The wall towards to north is regarded as the most fascinating. There are 4 deep valleys nick through the reef not to mention making apertures, crevices, and tiny caverns to discover.

    Getting into the Virgin Blue Hole through the surface of the reef, you are likely to go down by way of a tunnel towards a grotto 30 meters in depth. For videographers or photographers, snapping up shots in the direction of the surface provides excellent silhouette photographs. The shaft exits the reef towards the western side. A torch is advised to boost the colorations with the sea fans as well as the soft corals over the threshold of the shaft. The shaft exit is around 40 meters. Go up to 15 meters to 20 meters; shelving the wall to your right. Swim down the wall, soon enough you may arrive at the very first from the four canyons. Take the time to check out the countless tiny caverns, archways and shelves discovered across the reef.

    Butterflyfish are well known due to their dazzling coloration patterns. Their family comprises approximately 100 species that come about largely in the tropical waters. They are active throughout the hours of sunlight and try to get shelter nearby the surface of the reef in the evening, typically transforming their pigmentation.

    Dive Experience: Advanced
    Visibility: 13 meters to 33 meters
    Currents: Can be strong