Yellow Wall

  • Yellow Wall

    Yellow Wall

    Yellow Wall is situated at the northeast to the expressway of Peleliu and southeast of the island. This dive spot is named right after the Tubastraea faulkneri or golden yellow tube corals which cover the wall across this reef’s section.

    The Wall of reef has quantity of crevices, archways, and tiny caverns to discover throughout the dive. Apart from the yellow tube corals, the reef comes with a multi-colored soft corals as well as a plethora of hard corals.

    The reef of Yellow Wall is renowned due to its multicolored yellow corals; however the reef thrives as well with diverse fishes. In the event the wave is running – tuna, sharks and other huge pelagic fishes can be observed.

    At the reef’s top, there can be found Emperors, groupers, sweetlips, eels as well as wrasse. Be cautious for turtles for they are fond of eating the yellow tube corals.

    Dive Experience: intermediate to expert
    Visibility: 13 meters to 40 meters
    Depth: 13 meters to 40 meters
    Currents: Can be strong